Faith Fellowship Baptist Church


Pastor Ron Hamilton, Interim Pastor


Frank D’Agostino is our current deacon. He plays an active and vital role in our church’s ministry.


Faith Fellowship Baptist Church was established on October 20, 1996, when our first services were held at the home of Cris & Sue Grovatt in Mount Laurel. The church started with a group of 13 people who desired to have a strong, biblically-focused church in our community.

Our first pastor was Dr. Bill Raymond, who had originally served as our adviser during the planning stages of the church. Early in 2005 we welcomed Pastor Bob Rogish and family, who led us until 2011. In the fall of 2011, we called Pastor Eric Brown who led us until 2014.  In mid 2014 we welcomed Pastor Frank Sansone as our Interim Pastor.  We rejoice in the 17 years of ministry the Lord has already granted us, and we are eager to see our church grow and minister in effective ways in the years to come.  On Sept. 27, 2015 Pastor Sansone will step down as Interim Pastor to follow The Lord’s leading into Evangelism.  Our prayers and best wishes go with him.  We welcome Pastor Ron Hamilton as our Interim Pastor.