Faith Fellowship Baptist Church

What to Expect

When you visit our church, you will find a friendly group of Christians who are eager to grow in their relationship with God. We seek to accomplish spiritual growth at our church in these ways:

Expository Preaching— Our pastor loves to study the Word of God. He is committed to accurately preaching the Scriptures as a means of exalting Jesus Christ and for the spiritual benefit of our church. The average sermon lasts between 35-40 minutes. You can see what he is currently preaching on our Sermons page.

Reverent Worship— Because of our understanding that worship is primarily intended to please God, we seek to sing songs that reflect the truth that the Bible declares about the nature of God. The words of the songs teach accurate doctrine. The tunes are easy to learn and sing, and will encourage you in your love for God as you walk with Him. Our worship services also include times of personal and corporate prayer and an opportunity to offer to God gifts of gratitude.

Edifying Fellowship— People in our church love to spend time together. These times include before or after services, during the week in each other’s homes, or at activities and ministry outreaches. It is not uncommon for people to speak with each other long after each of our services. Our church is committed to ministering to each other in practical and meaningful ways.

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