Faith Fellowship Baptist Church


Intentionality in Ministry – In January 2012, our church’s leadership team gathered for a weekend of extended meetings with the intent of praying and planning for the coming year. During that retreat, the pastor and deacons sought to identify our church’s primary purpose for existence, as well as the most central values that drive and shape our everyday ministry. The results, which are listed below, are in some ways unique to our church’s context and history. At the same time, we share these values with thousands of other churches within the spectrum of Scripture-driven and Gospel-preaching churches in our society and at this point in history. We are convinced that these statements best reflect who we are. We are committed to letting these principles serve as a guiding influence as we seek to minister deliberately and intentionally for the sake of the Gospel in this community for years to come.

Core Purpose – Our church exists to glorify God by making known the gospel of Jesus Christ through our words and our lives.

Core Values 

  • Learning, loving, and living the Scriptures
  • Christ-centered worship
  • Ministering grace to our church, our community, and our world.